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a.1.(Anat.) Between condyles; as, the intercondylar fossa or notch of the femur.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The following measures with ruler and digital pachymeter were performed: (1) forearm length measured from the center of a line between the medial and lateral epicondyles (intercondylar line) to the center of a line between the radial and ulnar styloid processes; (2) distance between the medial epicondyle and the site of PL branch origin; (3) length of the PL motor branch.
Surgical release of elbow stiffness after internal fixation of intercondylar fracture of the distal humerus.
These fractures can be difficult to recognize, but there is usually a small bone fragment in the intercondylar notch and irregularity of the tibial spine, suggestive of a donor site (Figure 7).
from the right lateral condyle, right intercondylar area, right medial condyle, left medial condyle, left intercondylar area and left lateral condyle (Fig.
The measurements were performed transversely in an intercondylar cross-section from 1 cm proximal to the top of the patella.
The lower end of the femur has 2 condyles (lateral and medial), separated posteriorly by the intercondylar notch.
According to the third theory, repeated contact of the graft in the intercondylar notch ruptures its front fibers, causing fibrosis scarring [25].
The shape of intercondylar notch, the intercondylar notch width index, the intercondylar notch height index, the a angle, the [sz] angle, and the medial and lateral tibial plateau slope were measured with MRI and compared.
A high Q angle leads to more lateral tracking of the patella, and, to correct such a situation, the VMO also has to apply more force.[23] The differences in JAPT and AP parameters of the participants could be due to weak muscle strength of displacing laterally movement of the patella or should not being able to provide dynamic stabilization of the proper movement by placing patella in intercondylar sulcus of femur with quadriceps.
A normal ACL is characterized by continuous, homogeneous low-signal intensity fibers, extending from the intercondylar notch of the tibial plateau to the medial aspect of the lateral femoral condyle.
Anteriorly, it includes the ligamentum mucosum, a large septum or plica that extends from the intercondylar notch of the femur through the fat pad to the inferior pole of the patella.