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a.1.(Anat.) Between condyles; as, the intercondylar fossa or notch of the femur.
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18] Cartilage thickness measurements were taken from the mid-points of the medial femoral condyle, intercondylar area, and the lateral femoral condyle.
the length of the tibia between the tubercles of intercondylar eminence and the extremity of the medial malleolus, the diameter of the glomerulus in the equatorial plane passing through the urinary pole or the vascular pole).
16] The mechanical axis was defined as the line connecting the center of the femoral head and the knee center to the apex of the intercondylar notch.
Carrino et al [13] found that posterior horn of meniscus is a hidden corner of arthroscopy, especially the area between the medial collateral ligament and the intercondylar attachment of the posterior horn, thus is frequently missed on arthroscopy.
We considered that the PCL could be subperiostealy released from the intercondylar origin at the beginning of the surgery to facilitate exposure and proper component placements, and that the PCL integrity and function would be re-established by spontaneous healing of the PCL with the joint capsule.
There are only a few studies on the use of panoramic radiographs for dentoskeletal features and focus mainly on intercondylar asymmetries and gonial angle measurements.
The cranial cruciate ligament runs from the caudal lateral femoral condyle intercondylarly to insertion in the center of the tibial plateau whereas the caudal cruciate ligament originates in the caudal femoral intercondylar groove and inserts on the posterior medial tibial condyle; these restrict extension and flexion, respectively.
21%); and sutures were used 2 times to stabilize intercondylar eminence (0.
Femoral tunnel length was shown to be correlated with the height and area of the lateral wall of the femoral intercondylar notch in anatomical single-bundle ACL reconstruction.
22 (NWI is defined as the ratio of the width of the intercondylar notch (18 mm) to the width of the distal femur at the popliteal groove (79 mm)).
Three-dimensional CT was taken for all patients before the operation to determine the height and width of fossa intercondyloidea, the height of lateral intercondylar barren, the sizes of ACL femoral and tibial footprint, and the degree of ACL femoral footprint.
The length of the right femur, taken as the distance from the intercondylar notch of the femur to the superior boundary of the femoral head, was measured in the coronal plane.