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Noun1.interest expense - interest paid on loans
disbursal, disbursement, expense - amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)
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Due to PRSF16 adjustments, RRHI's interest expenses skyrocketed to P1.2 billion in the first half from only P55 million the previous year.
fell 67 percent to P40.1 million in the first quarter due to higher operating and interest expenses.
Interest expenses of banks amounted to 96.3 million manats, including 61.3 million manats for payment of interest on deposits and 164.2 million manats for non-interest expenses.
(17) There are numerous special allocation rules, such as direct allocation for interest expenses for qualified nonrecourse debt and provisions for taxpayers who are engaged in banking, insurance, or finance.
NIC Bank's net profit for the first six months of 2018 fell 2.1 per cent to Sh1.98 billion from Sh2.03 billion posted at a similar time last year as interest expenses surged.
It is defined as taxable income exclusive of any nonbusiness items, business interest income, business interest expenses, net operating losses (NOL), and the deduction for qualified business income of pass-through entities under the new IRC section 199A.
($560mln) or 54.8% of all revenues, non-interest revenues 56.7bln AMD ($140.5mln) or 13.7%, interest expenses 111.2bln AMD
It also held that the partners could deduct the interest expenses related to the transactions.
The company had a loss from operations of $3.5 million and spent $28.9 million on interest expenses for a total third quarter loss of $32.4 million compared to a loss of $22.2 million in the period last year.
Corporation Income Tax Return, to allow taxpayers to take a manufacturing deduction and interest expenses into account.
Meanwhile, retailers with weak credit quality could see rising interest expenses. For example, Exstein's analysis shows that Dillard's would have the largest jump in annual interest expense if it refinanced its debt.
The finance view treats debt and interest expenses in capital budgeting as if the projects were 100% equity financed.