Interest policy

a policy that shows by its form that the assured has a real, substantial interest in the matter insured.

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The Commission therefore engaged further and the trustees agreed to seek recovery of the 650,000 and adopt a formal conflicts of interest policy.
The information is for students, researchers, and scholars in finance or entrepreneurship, they say, but might also interest policy makers and practitioners.
The local stock barometer slid to the 7,200 mark Wednesday, hitting its lowest in six months, as global investors shunned equities ahead of the US Federal Reserve's interest policy pronouncement alongside escalating jitters over the hotly contested US presidential elections.
org/blog/statement-0) in a statement , said that steps had been taken in the wake of this incident to create an anti-harassment policy, a conflicts of interest policy, procedures for submitting complaints and an internal complaint review process.
Speaking to reporters after a Cabinet meeting, Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Nobuteru Ishihara said the negative interest policy shows BOJ's strong determination to end deflation.
Canary and authors, in their paper entitled "Disciplinary Difference in Conflict of Interest Policy Communication, Attitudes, and Knowledge" investigate how conflict of interest policies are communicated across different disciplines.
Subject to the supervision and direction of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee shall oversee implementation and enforcement of PVA's the Organization's conflict of interest policy, document retention policy and whistleblower policy, and organizational codes of conduct to the extent that they pertain to financial statement disclosures, accounting, internal accounting controls or audit matters.
Thanks to a regulatory mandate from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FHA has agreed to end its controversial full-month interest policy, but only for future borrowers.
We would like to assure you that we are strengthening our education around the declaration of conflicts of interest policy.
The book is likely to interest policy makers, academics, researchers, and government officials involved in forest and environmental regulation.
In particular, the European authorities establish a conflicts of interest policy that should be ensured by benchmark submitters (entities that provide information in relation to a benchmark to benchmark administrators or calculation agents).