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having no embellishments; simple; basic.
[alluding to vanilla ice cream, taken to be the most basic flavor]
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Interest rate swaps are forward contracts where one stream of future interest payments is exchanged for another, based on a specified principal amount.
There is an active market for rupee interest rate swaps offshore and domestic market has witnessed increasing participation from non-resident players like FPIs in debt.
* Although many factors have narrowed interest rate swap spreads, the authors focus primarily on the impact of regulatory increases in required leverage ratios.
The interest rate swap involves only the exchange of payment not
If an interest rate swap contract meets certain criteria and its critical terms match the other conditions of ASC 815, the hedge contract may possibly be a perfect hedge and therefore qualify for adoption of a simplified accounting method (i.e., the "shortcut method").
The Exchange lists cash-settled interest rate swap futures with current open interest of 159,000 contracts in Interest Rate Swap Futures.
The new JSE Eris Interest Rate Swap (IRS) Futures will be based on the Johannesburg Interbank Agreed Rate (JIBAR) and denominated in South African Rand (ZAR).
entered into an interest rate swap on March II, 2015 for a fixed rate of 4.69% pursuant to a standard ISDA derivative contract, which shifts the floating risk from the borrower to a third party.
A nonpublic entity may elect to apply the simplified hedge accounting approach to any interest rate swap for which all of the required conditions are met.
"We're calling for the banks to provide the right level of compensation to businesses for the interest rate swaps scandal, and to do so promptly.
These included a failure to understand whether customers understood the risk of participating, poor disclosure of the costs of leaving the scheme, and a failure to be impartial in providing advice on interest rate swaps. The latter was Initially, banks appreciate the of this situation, the same way denied other not surprising given that bank employees were often highly rewarded and incentivised to sell these high risk products.
In this particular transaction to unwind an interest rate swap, the Texas urology group had been quoted an unwind fee of $1,518,000.

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