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 (ī′ō, ē′ō)
1. Greek Mythology A maiden who was loved by Zeus and transformed by Hera into a heifer.
2. One of the four brightest satellites of Jupiter. It was first sighted by Galileo.

[Latin Īō, from Greek.]


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) British Indian Ocean Territory


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a maiden loved by Zeus and turned into a white heifer by either Zeus or Hera


(Celestial Objects) the innermost of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter, displaying intense volcanic activity. Diameter: 3640 km; orbital radius: 422 000 km


the chemical symbol for
(Elements & Compounds) ionium


(ˈaɪ oʊ, ˈi oʊ)

1. (in Greek myth) a woman loved by Zeus and changed by him into a heifer, which Hera claimed and put under Argus' guardianship.
2. a large volcanically active moon of Jupiter.




Computers. input/output.


or i.o.,

indirect object.
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Noun1.Io - (Greek mythology) a maiden seduced by ZeusIo - (Greek mythology) a maiden seduced by Zeus; when Hera was about to discover them together Zeus turned her into a white heifer
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
2.Io - the closest of Jupiter's moons; has active volcanoes
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The remaining half of the interest income not sold is considered an interest-only strip receivable that Entity A classifies as an available-for-sale security.
For example, a servicing asset can be considered to reflect two values: a financial instrument that is similar to an interest-only strip and an intangible value reflecting the contractual right to perform services over time in exchange for a fee.
3m gain on the sale of an SBA interest-only strip security.
Owners of the interest-only strip have claims to the interest from the mortgage payments.
Some of the interest retained by the seller may represent a fee for normal loan servicing and some may represent an excess servicing receivable, such as the right to receive cash flows that exceed normal servicing fees, which is equivalent to an interest-only strip on the portion of the loan sold.
The principal part of a mortgage security that has been stripped into two parts; the other part is the interest-only strip.