a.1.(Anat.) Between follicles; as, the interfollicular septa in a lymphatic gland.
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31) In addition, CD10 expression is greater in neoplastic cells from intrafollicular than from interfollicular regions.
MO, mature oocyte; LVO, late vitellogenic oocyte; N, nucleus; IS, interfollicular space; RO, residual oocyte; FF, fragment follicles; EF, empty follicles.
HEVs are distinctive microvascular segments located mainly in the interfollicular area of these tissues and consist of tall and cuboidal endothelial cells (ECs) surrounded by a thick basal lamina and a prominent perivascular sheath.
Classically, they are thought to arise from epidermal basal cell layer, although current theory supports either a follicular or interfollicular stem cell origin.
The indicators for diagnosis of HV-CD on histopathology include lymphoid proliferation, where the follicles are regressed or depleted of germinal center cells and have expanded mantle zones with small lymphocytes arranged concentrically in an "onion-skin" fashion, an interfollicular region variably expanded with prominent hyalinized blood vessels; expanded, often dysplastic, follicular dendritic cell networks; myoid cells; dendritic reticulum cells; and small, mostly T lymphocytes.
demonstrated the presence of HMB-45+ cells (indicating differentiated and active melanocytes) in 44% of cases in interfollicular epidermis and in 46.
Interfollicular stroma as hyperplasia is defined as post-capillaries venules, in which combination of plasma cells and eosinophils are seen.
In interfollicular area, there are cells like tiny T lypmphocytes, eosinophils, plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
Several interfollicular vascular elements penetrated the follicular epithelium as intraepithelial capillaries.
In the hyaline-vascular type, affected lymph nodes are characterised by follicular and interfollicular vascular proliferation.
Antibodies to this protein stain the germinal center cells in lymphoid follicles, follicular cells, and interfollicular cells in follicular lymphoma, large B-cell lymphomas, and Burkitt's lymphoma, and the majority of the Reed-Sternberg cells in nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin's disease.
During embryonic development, melanocyte precursors that arise from the neural crest populate several areas including the interfollicular epidermis and hair follicle bulge in the skin; the uveal tract of the eye; and the stria vascularis, vestibular apparatus and endolymphatic sac of the ear.