n.1.The act of interfusing, or the state of being interfused.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then, I suppose it was the interfusion of humor through so much of it, that made it all precious and friendly.
He stood, looking off at the enchanting harmony of line and color that remotely encircles the city, inhaling the softly humid odors, and feeling the freshness of the year and the antiquity of the place reaffirm themselves in mysterious interfusion. It seemed to him also that Daisy had never looked so pretty, but this had been an observation of his whenever he met her.
For semicrystalline materials where the molecular weight is typically higher than 8 [M.sub.c], the interfacial strength reaches its maximum before interfusion comes to an end, and thus for these polymer's reptation time ([t.sub.r]) provides a conservative prediction.
This in turn implies the inherent interfusion of all phenomena; within such a setup, all is one and one is all (Dogen 2002, 49, 72; Raud 2015, 1).
Vincent Zhu, Vice GM of SEA, Overseas LOB, CSI Interfusion Sdn Bhd, MNC BG said: "At present, the global financial industry is entering the era of intelligent technology and facing unprecedented profound changes.
The Drap head told the court that recommendations for formation of a committee for development of interfusion injection and artificial skin had been made and that the government had yet to issue a notification.
As Chang (1963) stated, "in unity there is the infinite interfusion of diversities but in each diversity we find the total potentiality of unity" (p.
chased, as in a fugue, and again lost in a delightful interfusion, so
As in the case of coauthorship, where no real cross-cultural collaboration could be demonstrated, cultural interfusion is also lacking when we consider the absence of authors from different cultures.
Its menu is a magnificent is an interfusion of scrumptious creations like Eiffel Tower, European Fondue, Brooklyn Bridge and indulgent flavors like the signature Belgian Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Mango and Raspberry and Dulce de Leche.
This intimate interfusion between material and subjective realities leads a more mature Marx (1976 [1867]) to argue that "instruments of labour not only supply a standard of the degree of development which human labour has attained, but they also indicate the social relations within which men work" (286).