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Located between genes. Used of DNA sequences.
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The gene exon region (exon), intergenic region (intergenic), intron region (intron), promoter region (promoter), and UTR region (UTR) were coordinated from UCSC Genome Browsers and coanalyzed with the average methylation level of every CpG cytosine within the range.
The clone of begomovirus was partially sequenced for replication associated protein(Rep) gene and intergenic region. Rep is conserved gene in function and position among geminiviruses except in Mastrevirus which is indispensable for rolling circle replication of virus genome (Hanley-Bowdoin et al.,2004).
A fragment of ~1.9kb with the intergenic region was released from the pUC19-Rad-1 clone by using Pst I and EcoR I restriction enzymes.
35S/TEV 5', CaMV 35S promoter with tobacco mosaic virus 5' UTR; EXT 3', tobacco gene extension gene 3' element; nptII, expression cassette encoding nptII gene for kanamycin resistance; LIR, long intergenic region of BeYDV genome; SIR, short intergenic region of BeYDV genome; C1/C2, BeYDV ORFs C1 and C2, encoding Rep and RepA; LB and RB, the left and right borders of the T-DNA region; 6xHis, hexahistidine tag for Ni-NTA affinity purification; KDEL, ER retention peptide; WT, full-length PI239 with its native signal; LPH- OP, a plant codon-optimized murine monoclonal antibody heavy chain signal peptide (LPH) that was fused to the N-terminal of mature codon-optimized PI239 (OP) sequence.
Two other QTLs, located in the HBS1LMYB intergenic region and in the BCL11A gene, are either directly involved in HbF gene silencing in adult life or in cell proliferation and differentiation [9, 13-15].
The lncRNAs were classified according to whether the corresponding transcript was mapped to the opposite strand of an exon, to an intron, or within an intergenic region of a protein-coding gene.
SNP may prevail in coding region of gene (protein coding part), non-coding region (intron, promoter) or in the intergenic region (regions between genes).
miR-375 gene is located in the intergenic region and it has an independent promoter containing CpG islands, which provides a structural basis for regulation of its expression by methylation.
coli strain K12 showed that the 4167 bp fragment carrying usp gene and orfU1-3 occupies the 270 bp intergenic region between aroP and pdhR genes in E.
The SNP with a strong evidence of association that lies in an intergenic region of 6q23 in proximity with TNFAIP3 gene was reported to be associated with RA in an independent study in a US population further underlying the possibility of a disease causing variant.
Upstream intergenic region length and orientation of upstream gene were then determined through visual inspection of gene models in the genome browsers.