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Noun1.Interior Department - the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resourcesInterior Department - the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources; created in 1849
executive department - a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States
FWS, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service - an agency in the Department of the Interior that conserves and protects fish and wildlife and their habitats; assesses the environmental impact of pesticides and nuclear power site and hydroelectric dams and thermal pollution
National Park Service - an agency of the Interior Department responsible for the national parks
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Making it worse is the behaviour of the Interior Department. The agency is supposed to be a trusted steward of precious public resources, including endangered species and a fifth of the land in the United States.
The interior department, which has recently taken a more aggressive role in decongestion efforts, floated the possibility in July of mandating that private subdivisions across the metropolis allow motorists in during rush hours.
As previously reported, Citi analyst Praful Mehta downgraded Avangrid to Neutral from Buy after the Interior Department was reported to have ordered an additional study to look at the "cumulative impacts" of the company's 800MW offshore wind project planned off the coast of Massachusetts.
The interior department imposed section 144 across the province under which hides collection without prior permission was not allowed.
That figure included $2.45 million the Interior Department and National Park Service spent on expenses such as barricades, medical services, staffing and other logistics, according to ABC News, citing an Interior Department letter.
He wrote a letter to the interior department for including police, customs, and intelligence agencies officials in the committee.
WASHINGTON -- The Interior Department's internal investigators have begun probing allegations of conflicts of interest involving Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, they confirmed Monday, just four days after the Senate confirmed the former corporate lobbyist to lead the agency.
The Interior Department has decided to raise the alert threshold by strengthening security units in all regions of the country, Zaag stressed, noting that security deployment will be intensified from March 29 until the end of the Summit's work and the departure of delegations.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Interior Department has established a fact-finding committee to identify hundreds of forged arms licenses issued from Lahore district.
An Interior department official on Thursday said that government lawyers are already drafting possible cases against violators of environmental laws in Boracay.
Concerns emerged last week after the Auditor-General flagged the issues at The Presidency and the Interior Department.

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