Interior side

(Fort.) the line drawn from the center of one bastion to that of the next, or the line curtain produced to the two oblique radii in front.

See also: Side

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Furnishing and installing closed cell spray foam insulation on the interior side of walls and the roof to a depth of 3" (r rating of 6.
Carefully spoon 2 teaspoons of the hibiscus syrup used to pack the flowers down the interior side of each glass.
Instead of on driveways, the code allows such vehicles to be parked in backyards or interior side yards, if they are more than 5 feet from the property line and screened with a fence or landscaping.
To perfect your prosecco pour, hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle when you open it, keep your thumb on the top of the cork so it doesn't fly out and overflow, and hold the glass at 45 degrees too and slowly pour the liquid down the interior side.
Check out the asphalt-coated kraft paper in Photo 2 on the interior side of a fiberglass batt cavity insulation, and look at Figure 10 that graphs the permeance of interior wall assembly linings vs.
We have no choice but to remain optimistic that the DILG will be able to perform its mandate both for the local government units and ensure that the interior side would be able to protect the people against criminality, fire and ensure the custody of the inmates,' Hinlo said.
From the interior side," says Tristan Murphy, interior design manager, "before we started sketching we started thinking about how we'd walk this car up and give the customer something that doesn't feel like just a little more.
Zeal provides a stable, but soft, heel grip; this is the impossible combo made into reality through the molded midsole cradle on the interior side of the shoe.
Technicians will install additional energy-absorption material between the rear interior side panels and the exterior vehicle body to help improve performance in the side-impact test.
Featuring a fabric-coated hard case insert perfectly fit to keep your Google Glass in place, polyester mesh exterior casing that's durable enough to handle your day-to-day activity, yet feels light and comfortable in your hands, interior side pocket to hold your Android/ iOS device, accessory compartments for your charger and cables, and much more.
We address the problematic artery on the interior side, which is much less problematic than removing it on the outside.