Interior side

(Fort.) the line drawn from the center of one bastion to that of the next, or the line curtain produced to the two oblique radii in front.

See also: Side

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The left leg was opened on the interior side from the top of her thigh to her foot.
It was sculpted by Montreal artist Jules Lasalle and depicts an open-armed Jesus on the exterior with an image of Mary on the interior side.
Then, a cost analysis is conducted for retrofit applications where silica aerogel blankets are installed from the interior side, and the prices are compared with conventional insulation cases.
The applicants sought relief from Section 5(3)(i)(ii) of the Zoning By-law to permit an extension of a legal non-confirming use for an interior side yard setback of 2.
Like a mirror effect, the top piece will become the bottom, while exposing the different effects and gradation of weathering and, in the case of the first piece which he brought inside for Friday's exhibition opening, occasionally revealing a previously-hidden steel interior side.
We manage all of the trades on the interior side from start to finish.
In addition, a minimum of 85% of specific categories of site-applied adhesives and sealants used on the interior side of the building envelope must comply with the VOC content limits from the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1168.
Holes, placed at regular intervals, offer glimpses of the walled-off inrerior, but those views are blinkered by cylindrical tunnels on the interior side.
It last year installed a new vacuum applicator at its interior shop that enables it to re-skin aircraft interior side panels, luggage bins and ceiling panels "no matter the size or aircraft type," it said.
Thus, the interior side of the door-window glass to be used in the new Vitz has been surfaced with a high-performance UV-absorbing film to achieve approximately 99% UV-reduction performance.
I saw a burnt-wiring bundle on the interior side of the cart, with some wires that still were on fire.
On the interior side, PPG is excited about 2008 because the company is going to be expanding its Olympic line of stains, gels and varnishes in its company-owned stores and dealer networks.