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a.1.(Anat.) Between lammellæ or laminæ; as, interlamellar spaces.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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[28] observed that absorption of water and ethanol molecules in semicrystalline aromatic and aliphatic P-66-induced some reorganization of the hydrogen bonds in the crystalline phase, but also increased the mobility of the amorphous segments of the molecules in the interlamellar regions.
In our earlier study, cartilaginous tissue inflammation, mucus secretion, loss of gill lamellar structure, necrosis of gill filament with the associated reduction in the number of lamellae per filament, obliteration of interlamellar water channels, and fusion of lamellae were noted in naturally infected C.
That charge imbalance is neutralized by adsorption of several interlamellar species, like the carbonate ion C[O.sup.-2.sub.3] [1-3].
For transverse fractures, low strain rates tend to result in fractures that preferentially follow an interlamellar pathway, with the fracture surface moving up the side of collagen fibers forming a series of steps across the bone; with increased strain rate, the crack moves fairly indiscriminately across all constituents (Pope & Outwater 1972).
For semicrystalline polymers such as PHB, the tensile response of single fibers at low strains can be ascribed to the elongation of the polymer chains in the interlamellar, amorphous domains, as well as to the intralamellar separation of crystalline block segments.
This is because the basal planes and edges of chemically treated graphite sheets are modified with oxygen-containing functional groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, and epoxy groups, which greatly increase the interlamellar spacing and destroy the original crystal structure of graphite.
Unlike interlamellar transplantation, numerous infiltrated inflammatory cells, such as neutrophils and lymphocytes, were detected at 2 weeks after surgery in the subcutaneous implantation model.
For the f-rGO-1 sample, the peak at 22.56[degrees] became broader and the peak at approximately 10[degrees] shifted to lower 2[theta] angles (10.26[degrees]) which indicated that a broader interlamellar spacing was achieved due to more PA66 chains being inserted into the interlayer of GO sheets with the increase of GO contents.
This investigation allowed us to determine, respectively, the nature, amounts, position, and organization of exchangeable cations in the interlamellar space, along the c* axis.
By following the evolution of [d.sub.001] basal-spacing value, different hydration states were defined with the insertion of 0, 1,2, or 3 planes of [H.sub.2]O molecules in the interlamellar spaces leading to growth of the spacing values as function of RH% [28,38-40].
There are detailed morphometric studies demonstrating increased fascicular area in nerves with DPN [17] as perineurial sheath expansion due to increased perineurial lamellar area and interlamellar space [18].