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Of, relating to, involving, or representing different leagues: interleague baseball games.

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Since the 20th season of interleague play has been completed, I would like to know the won-lost records for all major-league teams during interleague competition (1997-2016).
But he also is familiar with the Indians pitching staff because of their annual series against the Reds and got a feel for the AL Central as a whole during interleague play last year.
With the advent of the wild card (1995) and interleague play (1997), the playing field (pardon the pun) no longer was level.
The topic is interleague play in Major League Baseball.
While John Farrell has repeated the longstanding refrain of Red Sox managers that National League teams have an advantage in interleague play, especially at home, because they build their rosters without designated hitters, his assertion has no basis in fact.
The Milwaukee Brewers hit three solo home runs, including back-to-back blasts to lead off the game, en route to a 4-2 win over the Boston Red Sox in interleague play at Fenway Park on Saturday.
Japanese baseball will open interleague play on Tuesday.
They did not face the Giants this year in Interleague play but had a 14-4 record against National League teams, while the men from the Bay Area were mediocre against American League clubs, winning just seven out of 15 games in 2010.
Interleague play continues this week in Major League Baseball with four intriguing match-ups featured.
Over the past 10 years, interleague play has become one of the rites of summer for baseball fans, Interleague play arrives with a lot of fanfare, as so-called "natural rivals" square off while new teams from the other league come to town for the first or second time, theoretically creating a set of unusual and attractive matchups that get the fans excited and boost attendance.
LOCAL derbies in baseball were unheard of until eight years ago, when mid-season interleague play was adopted.