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Of, relating to, involving, or representing different leagues: interleague baseball games.

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This is only the Sox's second trip to Atlanta since interleague play began.
Since interleague play started in 1997, no Yankees pitcher has had more than three at-bats when they play at a National League park.
Volleyball, specifically the women's game, has grown steadily after the initial seeds of club and interleague play were sown.
But he also is familiar with the Indians pitching staff because of their annual series against the Reds and got a feel for the AL Central as a whole during interleague play last year.
This ensured that division titles were won from a pool of teams playing the same schedule (unlike today, which is marred by the tradition-averse, no-rhyme-or-reason interleague play slate).
Since 1992, baseball has created four new teams, opened 21 new ballparks, adopted interleague play, instant replay and drug testing, expanded the postseason with two wild cards in each league, gone 20 years without labor troubles interrupting play, and has vastly expanded revenue-sharing and has implemented a ''competitive balance tax'' on team payrolls above a certain threshold.
Verlaan said the Magnolia also sees a bump in business when nationally popular teams are in town to play the Rockies, such as the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox in interleague play in recent years.
Previous research on interleague play has found some success of interleague play, in particular with specific matchups and popular teams such as the New York Yankees.
The topic is interleague play in Major League Baseball.
It's the first time since Interleague Play began in 1997 that the Bronx Bombers didn't win a single game in the regular season Subway Series.
Encarnacion went 2 for 5 with five RBIs as the Blue Jays improved to 3-0 in interleague play. Toronto has won nine of 12 against NL opponents dating to last season.
While Gould, who has been a baseball devotee for decades, isn't wild about all the developments in the sport in the last forty years (he particularly dislikes the designated hitter, artificial turf, aluminum bats, and the current version of interleague play), he's by no means a curmudgeon.