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tr.v. in·ter·leaved, in·ter·leav·ing, in·ter·leaves
To provide with interleaves or an interleaf.


(ˌɪn tərˈli vɪŋ)
a method for making data retrieval more efficient by rearranging or renumbering the sectors on a hard disk or by splitting a computer's main memory into sections so that the sectors or sections can be read in alternating cycles.


[ˌɪntəˈliːvɪŋ] Ninterfoliación f, intercalación f (Comput) → intercalación f
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2] is interleaved with its own sub-block interleaver resulting in [d.
d) From 60 until 124 Resolution of cyclic shift ([delta]) 4 Coding scheme Convolutional coding Interleaver Matrix: 16 x 8 Decoding scheme Soft decision Viterbi Constraint length 7 Coding rate 1/2 Polynomial generator [171 133] Number of branches 3 Channel Uniform (6 paths) Knee factor power amplifier (p) 3 Input backoff (IBO) 0, 2, 4 dB
To overcome these limitations, some researchers have developed different designs of interleavers with the aim of reducing the bandwidth and memory resources, such as Orthogonal Interleaver (OI), Random Interleaver (RI), Nested Interleaver (NI) [13], Shifting Interleavers (SI) [14] and Deterministic Interleaver (DI) [15].
Internal encoder uses convolutional coding and is a complement to the Reed-Solomon coder and the external interleaver.
The degree of independence is strongly associated with the type of interleaver used.
This code is included, for instance, in the DVB-RCS standard, with interleaver depth 12.
An interleaver is a system that changes the positions of input data according to an established position permutation algorithm.
In conventional CDMA, signature sequences are used for user separation while in IDMA, every user is separated with individual interleaver, orthogonal in nature.
Berrou, Glavieux, and Thitimajshima proposed a variation of concatenated codes that introduced a pseudo-random interleaver to reorder the input before passing it through the second coder [10].
The Vx180 also supports maximum interleaver and deinterleaver memory for high levels of Impulse Noise Protection, as well as on-chip Quality of Service (QoS) and wire speed performance, all of which is intended to enable optimum viewing experience.
Details of interleaver parameters for different sizes have been specified in [1].
Product interleaver type MR, to be adapted on the SIEREM stacker, allowing to turn one product out of two by 180[degrees], in order to get an alternate position of the products into the bag.