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An artificial language developed between 1924 and 1951, based mainly on the Romance languages and intended as a medium of international communication among scientists.

[inter- + Latin lingua, language; see lingua.]
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1. (Languages) (usually capital) an artificial language based on words common to English and the Romance languages
2. (Languages) any artificial language used to represent the meaning of natural languages, as for purposes of machine translation
[C20: from Italian, from inter- + lingua language]
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an artificial international language, based upon the Romance languages, designed for use by the scientific community.
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Noun1.Interlingua - an artificial language proposed for use as an auxiliary international language; based on words common to English and the Romance languages
artificial language - a language that is deliberately created for a specific purpose
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In 2016, New Scientist reported on the breakthrough advance: "Google's researchers think their system achieves this breakthrough by finding a common ground whereby sentences with the same meaning are represented in similar ways regardless of language --which they say is an example of an 'interlingua.'" "In a sense, that means it has created a new common language, albeit one that's specific to the task of translation and not readable or usable for humans."
Yeager was president of the Southern Economic Association (1974-75) and the Atlantic Economic Society (1994-95); an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute; a fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science; a member of the Mont Pelerin Society; and director and president of Interlingua Institute and of Union Mundial pro Interlingua.
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Host of the Fair of Chinese educational institutions from Beijing is Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and organizer is the Beijing International Education Exchange Center, with co-organizers Interlingua from Sarajevo and Beijing WECO International Education and Culture Institution.
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In this process, the standard model itself could serve as something of an interlingua or shared ontology, providing a vehicle for mapping the common aspects, and possibly uncommon terminology, of disparate architectures onto a common base.
A lingua materna em sala de aula de lingua estrangeira: o recurso da alternancia de Letras/ 2007 15 codigo na fala de uma Linguistica professora e o desenvolvimento da interlingua de alunos de um curso de Secretariado Executivo.
La editorial Comares incluye en su coleccion Interlingua el volumen titulado La traduccion literaria.