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a.1.(Anat.) Between the mandibles; interramal; as, the intermandibular space.
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At postmortem examination, the following tissues were collected for viral genome detection, virus isolation, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry according to (15): adrenal gland, bladder, brain (including olfactory pole), cerebrospinal fluid, guttural pouch, heart, kidney, large intestine, liver, lung, lymph nodes (bronchial, inguinal, intermandibular, mandibular, renal), meninges, nasal turbinates, ovaries, pharynx, small intestine, spinal cord, spleen, sympathetic nerve, trigeminal ganglion, and uterus.
Reevaluation at that time revealed ecchymolic hemorrhage in the integument of the intermandibular space with significant edema (Fig 3).
Physical examination demonstrated 3 dead wasps of the order Hymenoptera and numerous stingers in the integument of the forehead, nape, cranial cervical integument, chin, cheek, intermandibular integument, bulbar conjunctiva, palpebra, rhamphotheca, and cere.
bimarginatus is nearly isometric, including intermandibular distances (Table I).
Both proportional intermandibular distances computed against head width (ID/HW) and head length (ID/HL) appear to decline during the transition between the first and second stadia (Table I).
Probes were placed on the wings of unanesthetized birds and on the intermandibular tissue of anesthetized birds.
In an Australian shelduck, the abnormal remodeled shape of the entrapped tongue prevented beak closure after extraoral resection of the stretched sublingual intermandibular skin.
Cranial architectures are similar although the intermandibular distance (gape) of A.
Se encuentran situados en el espacio intermandibular, en rostral de la glandula mandibular, ventralmente de la laringe y cubiertos por el musculo cutaneo facial.
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