n.1.Something done in the meantime; interlude.
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There was no statistically significant intermean difference in age among the different cohorts (p = 0.09, ANOVA); however the following order was noted in increasing order (mean age in years): EM + CRPS (45), EM (46), Mig + CRPS (48), CM + CRPS (49), All (49.5), Mig (51), and CM (52) (Figure 1).
We send them to learn their grammar and their Terence and they learne their play-bookes' (Third Intermean, 46-51).
(27.) Ubi, quoniam et illud firmius uisum est receptaculum, apud fidissimum amicorum delitescebat, Strategium quemdam ex Palatino milite senatorem, Constantinopolim quantum fieri poterat clanculo saepe intermeans, ut indicio eiusdam Strategis patuit, postquam saepius in factionis conscios inquisitum.