Intermediate state

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(Theol.) the state or condition of the soul between the death and the resurrection of the body.

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He was in an intermediate state between sleeping and waking; at variance with himself, with his company, with the country, and with the government.
(7) These local network changes may interact to create a hierarchy with new biologic properties called an attractor, (4) which acts as an intermediate state. Molecular investigation may identify these premalignant patterns in gliomas and other tumors with no identifiable histologic precursor lesion.
Among their topics are enigmatic experimentiality in the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Dido's words: representing speech and consciousness in ancient and medieval narrative, historiographic discourse and narratology: a footnote to Monika Fludernik's work on factual narrative, how to stay healthy and foster well-being with narratives: where narratology and salutogenesis could meet, and the intermediate state between good and bad company: managing leisure in Francis Brooke's The Excursion.
Maryland Court of Special Appeals judges rank 19th among intermediate state appellate courts, the commission found.
This observation, combined with the transcriptomic data, meant that cells transition through an intermediate state before becoming 2-cell-like cells.
The previous DFA analysis of hash functions with a sponge function framework depends on the output bitrates to recover the "whole" output of the intermediate state to retrieve the input of the compression function.
Especially, when [u.sub.+] [less than or equal to] 0 [less than or equal to] [u.sub.-], the two-shock solution of (1) and (2) tends to the delta-shock solution of (3) and (2), where the intermediate density between the two shocks tends to a weighted [delta]-measure which forms the delta-shock; by contrast, when [u.sub.+] [greater than or equal to] 0 [greater than or equal to] [u.sub.-], the two-rarefaction-wave solution of (1) and (2) tends to the two-contact-discontinuity solution of (3) and (2), in which the nonvacuum intermediate state between the two rarefaction waves tends to a vacuum state.
Most older adults who live to an advanced age suffer from frailty, a condition that has been termed an "intermediate state" between function and nonfunction, good health and poor.
Jesse Teigen, a fifth-grader and 2016 Oregon Intermediate state champion and 2017 state runner-up, placed third in the 10-and-under heavyweight division.
Generally speaking, when the times of the passages of certain type objects from their initial to their final state are composed of variable times of their transition to an intermediate state and of their dwelling in the intermediate state, out of which they exit at random to their final state, then the random variable that represents the overall passage time of any such object is the sum of two independent random variables, the transit time and the dwell time, and the distribution of the overall passage times is defined as the convolution of the distributions of its summands [9].
2): the peak with the highest molecular weight corresponds to the unfolded protein; the lowest molecular weight corresponds to the folded protein; and the peak between the two peaks corresponds to the folding species at the I2 intermediate state. As protein folding proceeds, the peak intensity for the native state increases, whereas that for the I2 intermediate state decreases.

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