Intermediate tie

(Arch.) Same as Intertie.

See also: Intermediate

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Interface Catheter Solutions tri-layer extrusion comprises an outer layer, a core layer, and an intermediate tie layer.
Also of interest was the effect of intermediate tie beams on deflections along with the effect of reinforcement of the wall plates with 3.5-inch-square beams (clamped at the ends and center to the inside faces of the wall plates) on ridge and wall plate deflections.
In tests with intermediate tie beams, two tie beams (identical to those in the end frames) were added to the two centrally located side wall studs.
Finally, both when the frame was configured with and without king posts but with two intermediate tie beams, midspan ridge beam deflection for both cases averaged 0.188 inch while midspan wall plate deflection was essentially eliminated.
If the length of the structure were increased, however, intermediate tie beams would be needed to reinforce the wall plates.
The tie was subsequently rescheduled for this Saturday - but is also now postponed because Ballinamallard are due to play Downpatrick in a rearranged Intermediate tie.
For their part, Fivemiletown will have to pick themselves up from the disappointment of losing out on penalties in Saturday's Intermediate tie at the home of Amateur League side Islandmagee.
The games in question were the meetings of Wolfe Tones/Newmarket and St Joseph's/Clarecastle in the first round of the Clare SHC as well as an intermediate tie involving forward Tony Carmody.
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