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a.1.(Anat.) Between the metacarpal bones.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Biomechanical and anatomic studies have demonstrated that injury of this ligament--which is largely responsible for the remaining stability of the thumb--results in the pattern of osteoarthritis seen at the base of the thumb and contributes to the characteristic "shoulder deformity." A secondary stabilizer of the CMC joint is the dorsal intermetacarpal ligament (IML), which prevents proximal migration of thumb metacarpal following trapeziectomy.
(6) The major and minor metacarpal bones are fused proximally and distally forming an intermetacarpal space.
K-wire fixations were performed on one metacarpocarpal and one intermetacarpal joint in 24 (85.7%) patients, on two metacarpocarpal joints in three (10.7%) patients, and on one intermetacarpal and two metacarpocarpal joints in one (3.5%) patient.
After 6 weeks of thumb spica immobilization, the intermetacarpal K-wire was removed, and active ROM exercises were started.
The patient's skin was cleaned with alcohol and electrodes were positioned on the dorsum of the hand in the second intermetacarpal space.
The consequences are wrinkles and prominence of bones and tendons, large intermetacarpal space, and prominent reticular veins.
The upper limb length was measured as the distance from the tip of the shoulder (acromion process) to the mid palm, just proximal to the distal crease at the third intermetacarpal space.
The palm was gently pressed between intermetacarpal groove at the root of fingers, and on the dorsal side corresponding to thenar and hypothenar regions.
It gives off dorsal digital branches, traverses the first intermetacarpal space.
Moreover, the specimen pertains to a goose rather than a swan because the process of metacarpal I (terminology follows Howard, 1929) is high, the proximal edge of the process of metacarpal i is nearly perpendicular to the shaft, and the pit on the internal side below the pisiform process is separated from the intermetacarpal space by a distinct raised area (Woolfenden, 1961).
Fletcher described a recurrent myxoma in a 66 year old man involving the intermetacarpal space of the hand with minor recurrences over 15 years (9).