Internal angles

those which are within any right-lined figure.

See also: Angle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The internal angles of triangles will always total how many degrees?
The internal angles of triangles add up to how many degrees?
Now ask your students to determine the size of the internal angles of a regular pentagon between any two adjacent sides.
With radiused internal angles, polished stainless steel surfaces, 0-ring sealed joints and a behind-the-rotor seal, the pump eliminates areas of product entrapment.
Additional design features that speed up changeovers and improve product safety include the elimination of internal angles where contaminants could hang up; a rounded-radius framework turned 45[degrees] to horizontal to speed moisture runoff; and subassembly designs that enable single-operator access, removal, and replacement.
How many degrees are contained in the three internal angles of a triangle?
During the imagined bulging process, even one that involves replacing the bulge with multiple hexagons, as Craven points out, there will be formation of internal angles. These angles formed between lines of the same faces referred to as dihedral angle discrepancies means that, according to Schein and Gayed, the shape is no longer a polyhedron.
This triangle has the side lengths D1, e, and MINDIST(q x p3) and the internal angles a, b, and c.
For example, part geometries that are challenging to coat with conventional electrostatic coating methods due to the Faraday cage effect, can now have a coating applied into recesses and sharp internal angles on parts such as pump impellers.
In the third presentation this view of angle as a measure of turn is extended to an understanding of the internal angles of a polygon.
Well done to Mr J Summers from Newton Hall, Durham, who correctly worked out that the internal angles of a five sided shape add up to 540 degrees.

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