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a.1.(Anat.) Between the nasal cavities; as, the internasal cartilage.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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a) Length of nasal bone (Lna): Distance from the central point of the fronto-nasal suture to the rostral end of the internasal suture.
The causes of false negative reports are due to misinterpretation of internasal bone suture, maxillary suture and congenital abnormalities of the nasal bones shows fractures.
Medida mm Longitud total 543 Longitud furcal 428 Longitud cefalica 137.7 Diametro ocular 11.1 Altura ocular 11.0 Hocico 46.5 Ancho hocico 50.1 Largo hocico 23.0 Distancia de la punta del morro a 1ra dorsal 157 2da dorsal 334 Caudal superior 380 Anal 326 Base aleta pectoral 35.9 Longitud pectoral 94 Extremo libre pectoral 26 Altura de la 1ra dorsal 47 Base de la 1ra dorsal 61 Extremo libre 1ra dorsal 22.5 Altura de la 2da dorsal 13 Base de la 2da dorsal 25 Extremo libre 2da dorsal 21.4 Altura pelvica 20 Base de pelvica 28.7 Extremo libre pelvica 13 Base de la anal 24.5 Altura de la anal 15.5 Extremo libre anal 21.5 Margen superior de la caudal 151.6 Margen inferior de la caudal 65.3 Espacio interdorsal 116 Longitud narinas 7.4 Distancia internasal 28.3 Longitud mixopterigios 22.7
Nasion: The intersection of the internasal suture with the nasofrontal suture in the midsagittal plane.
Nanorana vicina shares characters with its sub- Himalayan brook-water congeners: Allopaa barmoachensis (Khan and Tasnim, 1989) and Allopaa hazarensis (Dubois and Khan, 1979): has longer hind limbs, indistinct tympanum, prominent post-ocular skin fold to the angle of jaws, wider head, naris nearer to the eye than to snout tip, internasal space narrower than width of the upper eyelid.
Juvenil hembra de Porthidium lansbergii hutmanni SandnerMontilla, 1989 (Serpentes, Viperidae), rostral mas larga que ancha, internasal dividida, 3 preoculares, 3 postoculares, 8 supralabiales, 10 infralabiales, 3 pares de geneiales, 23 hileras de escamas dorsales, 143 escamas ventrales, 35 escamas subcaudales, placa cloacal sencilla, 28 manchas oscuras en el cuerpo, excepto cola, 28 manchas oscuras en la cola.
The animals were weighed, and 16 body-part measurements were made: trunk, tail, leg, foot, arm and hand length; chest and abdominal girth; head circumference and breadth; head, mandible and ear length; interorbital breadth; internasal distance; and testicular volume.
Gill openings elongate S-shaped, forming weakly fringed lobe laterally; length of first gill slit 1.13 (1.22) times length of fifth gill slit, 2.91 (3.35) times in mouth width; distance between first gill slits 2.07 (2.29) times internarial space, 0.43 (0.45) times ventral head length; distance between fifth gill slits 1.16 (1.21) times internasal distance, 0.24 (0.24) times ventral head length.
has four, and no American firms make a flu vaccine (though one company, MedImmune, makes an inhalational internasal flu preventative).
"There are also new nasal sprays: internasal steroids, internasal antihistamines, and anti-inflammatory or mast cell blockers, such as cromolyn sodium, which block the allergic reaction.

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