May Day

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May Day

1. May 1, observed in the United States, Canada, and parts of Western Europe in celebration of the coming of spring.
2. May 1, observed as a holiday especially in socialist countries in honor of labor and labor organizations.

May Day

a. the first day of May, traditionally a celebration of the coming of spring: in some countries now observed as a holiday in honour of workers
b. (as modifier): May-Day celebrations.

May′ Day`

the first day of May variously celebrated with festivities and observances.



an international radiotelephone distress call.
[1925–30; < French (venez)m'aider (come) help me!]
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Noun1.May Day - observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of springMay Day - observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring; observed in Russia and related countries in honor of labor
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
May - the month following April and preceding June
يَوم أوَّل أيّار
svátek práce
május elseje
1. maí
Sviatok práce
1 MayısBahar Bayramı

May Day

nil primo maggio (in cui si festeggia l'arrivo della primavera)


(mei) noun
the fifth month of the year, the month following April.
May Day
the first day of May, an especially socialist holiday or festival in many countries.
ˈmaypole noun
a decorated pole for dancing round on May Day.
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Most prominent of [that] is the Haymarket Square massacre, which eventually led to the commemoration of International Labor Day.
Agents of the Intelligence Ministry arrested him in April 2015 ahead of International Labor Day, May 1.
Further, the Misamis Occidental PESO Managers Association (MOPEMA) in partnership with DOLE held the Job and Business Fair to commemorate the international Labor Day celebration.
LAHORE -- Although International Labor Day is being observed in Pakistan Monday like other parts of the globe, but laborers are still deprived of fair wages and become victims of exploitation in developing countries.
While addressing to the gathering here in connection with International Labor Day, Kamran Michael said the incumbent government is committed to improve the livings of the laborer and the ruling party is comprised of workers and in national sphere which raises its voice for the downtrodden.
In many countries around the world, May 1 is observed as International Workers' Day or International Labor Day.
Ghareeb's fresh words came on Monday in his address at the ceremony marking the International Labor Day on May 1, at Riad Solh Square, in the presence of scores of syndical, cultural and labor dignitaries.
Khamis, speaking at the 8th session of the General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU), appreciated the efforts and sacrifices of Syrian workers during the years of the terrorist war, saying that they were a true companion and a basic supporter to Syrian Armed Forces, conveying to them President Bashar al-Assad's greetings on the occasion of the International Labor Day.
Mihail Mikov made his remarks at a rally celebrating May 01, the international Labor Day, in the capital Sofia.
PHNOM PENH (CyHAN)- Approximately 1,000 Cambodian workers came to streets here on Sunday to mark the 130th International Labor Day, calling for pay rise and better working conditions, a union representative said.
KUWAIT, April 30 (KUNA) -- Kuwait is set to celebrate the International Labor Day, on Friday May 1st, to honor the efforts of workers who played a big role in the country's development.
The workers were served quit-claim notices by the management during a general assembly on April 30, or a day before International Labor Day.

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