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Noun1.internationalisation - the act of bringing something under international control
group action - action taken by a group of people
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com)-- Think Latin America announced today that it is participating in and sponsoring the 2013 Internationalization and Localization Conference and Training in Santa Clara, California.
Furthermore, their thoughts about the problems and prospects for international educational and vocational guidance have sharpened the field's focus on what could be done to expand and improve career services for the world's citizens and to further the debate about the internationalization and localization of the career counseling profession itself.
The center is reportedly to focus on Linux desktop research and development, Linux internationalization and localization, and high performance Linux.
This book contains more than 250 recipes on the following topics: Working with basic data types, including strings, numbers, dates and times, and arrays--PHP building blocks, such as variables, functions, classes, and objects--Web programming, including forms, database access, and XML--Useful features such as regular expressions, encryption and security, graphics, internationalization and localization, and interact services--Working with files and directories.
Some of the topics covered are: Cache Friendly Web, The Apache Toolbox, MySQL Best Practices, Internationalization and Localization with PHP, Choosing a Templating System, PostgreSQL's Multi-Version Concurrency Control, Embedded and Linux.

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