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Noun1.Internet Explorer - a commercial browser
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From next week, Microsoft is cutting support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, meaning the only consumers getting security updates from now on are those running version 11.
6 -- Unlike Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc, it is not easy to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer side-by-side.
today announced its latest browser Internet Explorer 9 for consumers in India.
Microsoft has taken the unusual step of releasing out-of-band patches for severe security flaws in all versions of Internet Explorer, along with related holes in the Microsoft Active Template Library included with Visual Studio.
Summary: Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, the latest version of the world's most popular Web browser, enabling developers, Web designers and internet users to try out the new features and innovations and prepare their sites for the official launch of Internet Explorer 8.
When continuing assaults from viruses, spam, pop-up ads and adware made Internet use almost intolerable in my teacher-son Karl's K-12 school in Massachusetts, the staff changed Web browsers from Internet Explorer to Firefox and the problems decreased significantly.
I'm told that because Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has become the principal target of hackers, I'd be wise to switch to one of the other less popular, but equally effective, browsers.
Seruku Toolbar for Internet Explorer is a complete solution to the "I know I saw it last week.
A attempts to use a Microsoft Internet Explorer exploit (a security hole) that allows a created executable virus to run on the local computer.
It supports Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The site offers comprehensive support for the technology that lies behind Internet Explorer, which, never mind the debate over the company's marketing tactics, is substantial.
Reno accused Microsoft of abusing its monopoly by requiring computer makers to accept Internet Explorer when they buy its operating software.

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