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 (ĭn′tər-ŏp′ər-ə-bəl, -ŏp′rə-)
Relating to systems, especially of computers or telecommunications, that are capable of working together without being specially configured to do so.

in′ter·op′er·a·bil′i·ty n.
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(Computer Science) of or relating to the ability to share data between different computer systems, esp on different machines: interoperable network management systems.
ˌinterˌoperaˈbility n
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Adj.1.interoperable - able to exchange and use information
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
practical - concerned with actual use or practice; "he is a very practical person"; "the idea had no practical application"; "a practical knowledge of Japanese"; "woodworking is a practical art"
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Summary: BeyondTrust has announced that its Privileged Access Management (PAM) Platform was recertified to interoperate with the most current versions of SailPoint IdentityIQ.
The solution builds on the growing ecosystem of Rambus partner products that interoperate with its latest HBM2 PHY IP core.
Enterprises operating otherwise non-compatible voice equipment and telephony network elementsincluding non- qualified SIP telephony systemscan use Lync-qualified SmartNode VoIP gateways to connect and interoperate with the Lync unified communications server.
Now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, the Pega Process Extender offers a secure, comprehensive suite of no-code business services and high-performance connections allowing Pega applications to seamlessly interoperate with Salesforce applications.
Washington : The US very much supports India taking a leadership in the in and around the Indian Ocean and was looking for opportunities to interoperate with them, according to a top US commander.
The new Industrial Ethernet Router ensures that different networks interoperate in unison and with top-level security.
High-definition video collaboration specialist LifeSize Communications Inc, a division of peripheral products maker Logitech (Nasdaq:LOGI) (SIX:LOGN), announced today that its video conferencing offerings are fully qualified to interoperate with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.
The company claims the suite will replace paper flowsheets in the medical and surgical ICUs, and will interoperate with VistA Computerized Patient Record System and Bar Code Medication Administration.
Consumers will want reassurance that such things as 3-D glasses will interoperate between brands," said Paul Gray, director of TV electronics research, at DisplaySearch, in a statement.
The FUSE open source products will allow the SWIM programme to interoperate with other existing vendor technologies that the FAA already uses.
In a recent test conducted by Tolly Group, engineers showed NETGEAR Fully Managed switches outperformed competitive HP and Linksys switches in performance, scalability, features and functions.<p>"Also, when today's enterprise network architects look for LAN access technology they want products and solutions that not only interoperate seamlessly with existing hardware, but are also future-proofed.

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