a.1.Of or pertaining to the interoperculum.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Interopercular flap presented, finger-like in shape.
1 distributed in China had previously been misidentified as Platycephalus indicus (Zhu et al., 1963; Chang et al., 1980; Chen, 1982; Chen and Zhao, 1986; Kong et al., 1994; Zhang et al., 1994; Tang, 2006; Jin, 2006), both species being characterized by usually 13 second dorsal- and anal-fin rays, interorbit and occipital region scaled, large caniniform teeth absent on the upper jaw, a finger-like interopercular flap and so on (Imamura, 2015; Qin et al., 2013).
Field-caught larvae and juveniles were identified as percichthyids by using the characters in Brown and Neira (1998), particularly the combination of a relatively large gut, the small to moderate gap between the anus and origin of the anal fin prior to complete formation of the anal-fin, continuous dorsal fin, fin-ray, and vertebral counts, and head spination including small preopercular spines, a small interopercular spine, and a smooth supraocular ridge.
A minute interopercular spine is present from 6.0 mm and persists in all transitional juveniles.
A small interopercular spine develops by the time notochord flexion is complete.
Las maxilares alcanzan el margen anterior del interopercular. Dientes premaxilares dispuestos en tres hileras irregulares, la mas externa con 15 dientes.
Interopercular con 24 odontodes (ejemplar diafanizado).
Los conteos de radios branquiostegios, dientes del premaxilar y dentario, odontodes operculares e interoperculares y vertebras, fueron hechos exclusivamente en ejemplares difanizados.
One interopercular spine was observed between the angle spine anti the upper OPo spine by 3.5 mm and was present throughout the rest of the series.