a.1.Of or pertaining to the interoperculum.
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Interopercular flap presented, finger-like in shape.
1994; Tang, 2006; Jin, 2006), both species being characterized by usually 13 second dorsal- and anal-fin rays, interorbit and occipital region scaled, large caniniform teeth absent on the upper jaw, a finger-like interopercular flap and so on (Imamura, 2015; Qin et al.
Field-caught larvae and juveniles were identified as percichthyids by using the characters in Brown and Neira (1998), particularly the combination of a relatively large gut, the small to moderate gap between the anus and origin of the anal fin prior to complete formation of the anal-fin, continuous dorsal fin, fin-ray, and vertebral counts, and head spination including small preopercular spines, a small interopercular spine, and a smooth supraocular ridge.
A small interopercular spine develops by the time notochord flexion is complete.
Interopercular con 18 a 20 odontodes (ejemplar diafanizado).
Interopercular con 24 odontodes (ejemplar diafanizado).
One interopercular spine was observed between the angle spine anti the upper OPo spine by 3.