v. t.1.To place between or among; as, to interplace a name.
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Writings on entrepreneurial cities discuss the heightened interplace competitiveness in the context of reconfigured territorial states and the emergence of market-centric regimes of urban governance, topics that are further analyzed by the literature on urban globalization and neoliberal urbanism.
The history of a nation has been always imagined forestalling to other side of interplace.
The interplace perspective on the person/home relationship>>.
The self-perception inventory and the Interplace system Belbin devised a
Belbin answered this criticism by reiterating that the inventory was never designed for this purpose and by developing a computerised system called Interplace to cater for the needs of organisations.
Little attention has been given to the use of the observer checklists other than in the study by Parkinson (1995)and comments in the Interplace manual (not dated).
Given the importance of the role of any team leader, it could be argued that his or her natural roles should be congruent with at least one of the roles deemed necessary for a specific stage of team activity and this was argued at the 1996 Interplace Users Conference.
In the authors' experience, the very high face validity and acceptability of the measure among respondents, particularly using the Interplace expert system reports, suggests that the construct clusters or team roles proposed do have some validity even if aspects of their measurement may benefit from further scrutiny.
Also, territorially based entrepreneurialisms proliferate amid widespread neoliberalization and deepened interplace competition.
1993) study did not take into account the fact that Belbin's human resource management system - Interplace - relies on defining team roles in terms of two measures, one of which is the SPI; the other of which is the Observer's Assessment (OA).
Interplace normalizes inputs, filters out undiscriminating observers, identifies suspect self-reporting, analyses jobs and transposes their demands into team role language.
2001b Shamanic Journeys and Other Travels: Interplaces and the Importation of Distant Landscapes in Iban Constructions of Community and Self.
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