v. t.1.To place between or among; as, to interplace a name.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Writings on entrepreneurial cities discuss the heightened interplace competitiveness in the context of reconfigured territorial states and the emergence of market-centric regimes of urban governance, topics that are further analyzed by the literature on urban globalization and neoliberal urbanism.
The history of a nation has been always imagined forestalling to other side of interplace. This inter-place or inter-gate (between the gates of birth and death) emerges as a region of the voice of conscience and responsibility while both an individual and a nation exist towards death.
High Performance Polymers, 379 Interplace Pkwy., P.
The self-perception inventory and the Interplace system Belbin devised a
The roles are described in more detail in Belbin's book (1993) and in the notes associated with Belbin Associate's software program (Interplace IV) which has been designed to measure people's Belbin team roles.
This paper aims to contribute to the growing body of research on the BTRSPI and describes some initial research based on the standard ipsative inventory (Belbin's "Interplace" system).
First, our results appear to confirm and extend the findings of Furnham and his co-workers and suggest that parties interested in establishing their team role preference would do well to reconsider the value of the BTRSPI as published[5] and examine the alternatives, perhaps one of the formulae utilizing an established personality questionnaire or the new "Interplace" system[8].
Also, territorially based entrepreneurialisms proliferate amid widespread neoliberalization and deepened interplace competition.
(1993) study did not take into account the fact that Belbin's human resource management system - Interplace - relies on defining team roles in terms of two measures, one of which is the SPI; the other of which is the Observer's Assessment (OA).
The reconciliation and integration of that material has been brought about through Interplace, a computer-based Human Resource Management System.
2001b Shamanic Journeys and Other Travels: Interplaces and the Importation of Distant Landscapes in Iban Constructions of Community and Self.
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