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adv.1.By interpretation.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Because there is no authoritative constitutional text emanating from the 1930s, any reasons for treating that decade as interpretatively sacrosanct must focus on the moral goodness of the ideas that grounded that period.
Throughout Shakespeare and the Admiral's Men, Rutter maintains an even-handed, interpretatively conservative, and focused approach aimed at achieving agreement with his main thesis, one that is also stated with welcome care in the book's final sentence: 'while a repertory-based approach may encourage the identification of a company style, perhaps the best response to the varied, innovative and ideologically unfixed drama of the Admiral's Men between 1594 and 1600, open to the influence of Shakespeare while shaping his own dramatic development, is to refrain from doing so' (201).
It has taken several years for the Supreme Court to interpretatively acknowledge entry 32.
Dvorak's E flat major quartet is a truly testing piece, both technically and interpretatively. There are huge difference in tempo from one recording to another, from the curt Galimir String Quartet version (1950, 30:24) to Suk's recording with the Kubelik Trio (1997, 37:38).
Similarly, when classical is defined humanistically, authors become classics when their works are read exegetically and interpretatively. Foucault and Bourdieu show signs of moving in this direction, especially in Quebec.
Neutral verbs (say and tell in English) are interpretatively empty, as they "simply signal the illocutionary act--the saying; the intended meaning (illocutionary force) has to be derived from the dialogue itself' (Caldas-Coulthard 1987, 153).
Interpretatively she's her own woman: in Variation 7 she gives the Gigue an almost elegiac quality, while in Variation 25, the "Black Pearl", we clearly hear Bach's dissonances but without over-emphasis.
The first nine books must be read dramatically, he says, while the last three must be read interpretatively (473).
In the digital humanities, an experiment in speculative computing, the Ivanhoe Game, enabled groups of reflexive readers to take up subject positions to iteratively and interpretatively intervene in a textual field (Drucker, 2009; McGann, 2003).
Hollenberg outlines his methods for contextualizing the text's war experiences along with an overview of modules on structure and style designed to encourage students to interpretatively preserve the integrity of the text's plurality.]
Although guided by the ambition to care for and protect this vulnerable group, structural transactions provided by the welfare system run the risk of simultaneously depriving individuals of both the experiences and the hermeneutical resources necessary to interpretatively frame and make sense of their limited situation and lack of possibilities--and thus from interacting epistemically in fruitful ways.