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(Biology) situated between two radii or rays, esp between the radii of a sea urchin or similar animal
ˌinterˈradially adv
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(ˌɪn tərˈreɪ di əl)

situated between radii or rays.
in`ter•ra′di•al•ly, adv.
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of equivalent size include a relatively smaller central plate, as well as narrower interradial disk plates.
Dorsal fin with cromatophores concentrated mostly on interradial membranes and distal margins of anterior rays.
Genus Proan Haliday comprised of aphid parasitoids having wing venation with recurrent vein developed; interradial vein effaced, notaulices distinct throughout, lateral lobes of mesonotum setose (Raychaudhuri, 1990; Kavallieratos et al., 2001).This group of Aphidiines pupate inside the parasitized aphid in comparison to others (Stary, 1970).
caninus varies from uniformly white to brownish-orange, and often some of the interradial membranes are dark brown.
and then, as the interradial spaces widen, to add branches to the radial arteries, thus encouraging uniform development of the whole area rather than ribbon-like settlement along the radials.
1-6): "Alatina with tall, narrow bell, flared at base, tapering into truncated pyramid at apex; 4 crescentric gastric phacellae at interradial corners of stomach; 3 simple to palmate branching velarial canals per octant, each with a velarial lappet bearing a row of 3 to 4 nematocyst warts; 4 long, wing-like (sensu Reynaud, 1830) pedalia, each with a pink tentacle.