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Of, relating to, or involving persons of different religious faiths: an interfaith marriage; an interfaith forum.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) relating to, between, or involving different religions: to forward interfaith relations.


(ˈɪn tərˈfeɪθ)

occurring between or involving persons belonging to different religions.
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Adj.1.interfaith - involving persons of different religious faiths; "an interfaith marriage"; "interfaith good will"
religious - having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity; "a religious man"; "religious attitude"


[ˌɪntərˈfeɪθ] adj [relations, dialogue] → interreligieux/euse
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In between, a series of presentations and plenary sessions included high-profile speakers, representatives of a large number of religious communities and charities, as well as US government officials concerned with religious affairs and interreligious relations.
Susan Pudelek, coordinator of Interreligious Relations for the Archdiocese of Chicago, and Dr.
Presentations were delivered considering The Master-Disciple Relationship in Buddhism and Islam in Comparative Religions, debating Interreligious Relations in Albania in Islamic Civilisations and Societies, and prompting discussions Towards an Islamic Basis for Veganism in Islamic Thought and Applied Ethics.
Monitoring of interreligious relations in Russian society by the executive authorities, as well as media monitoring in the sphere of interreligious relations, began relatively recently.
The key themes speak of interesting subjects: Faith and Culture, Worship and Spirituality, Theology, Social and Politicial Context, Mission and Evangelism, Gender, Religious Freedom, Interreligious Relations (mostly with Islam), Monastic Movements and Spirituality, Ecclesiology, Christian Media and Displaced Populations.
OSCE realizes importance of strengthening of unity of the nation, inter-ethnic and interreligious relations, he added.
Readers of this text and translation will learn much about al-Nabulusi's worldview and about the obsessions of a mid-thirteenth-century Egyptian bureaucrat, but how useful an entree that is into the world of interreligious relations in the Middle Ages is open to debate.
Also, contrary to the peaceful image both Buddhism and Hinduism enjoy in the West, the interreligious relations between Buddhists and Hindus are far from well developed, if not to say tense and marked by mutual animosity.
We want interreligious relations to be regulated at a high level not only in Azerbaijan but all over the world," the head of state added.
the intersection of eschatology and interreligious relations takes on significance.
But it will also be a shining example to a world that is on the one hand enveloped by an anxiety about interreligious relations, and on the other increasingly aware of threats to cultural sites of the region.