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 (ĭn′tər-spĭ-sĭf′ĭk) also in·ter·spe·cies (-spē′shēz)
Arising or occurring between species: interspecific altruism.
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(ˌɪntəspəˈsɪfɪk) or


(Biology) hybridized from, relating to, or occurring between different species: interspecific competition.
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Adj.1.interspecific - arising or occurring between species; "an interspecific hybrid"
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Both intra- and interspecific competition are considered factors controlling plant community assembly, population density, distribution, and species diversity (Harper, 1977; Turkington and Mehrhoff, 1990; Hautier et al., 2009; Levin and Carpenter, 2009; Borer et al, 2014), with the outcome of a competitive situation determined by differences in how competing plants exploit shared limiting resources (Menninger and Palmer, 2006).
Our observations of nest usurpation suggest that there existed interspecific competition for nest sites between Mandarin duck and six bird species.
It is believed that the lower accumulation of DSM for wheat in relation to the hypothetical line for the 75:25 and 50:50 ratios (wheat x ryegrass) compared to the greater accumulation observed in the 25:75 ratio may be correlated to the dispute by the resources between the culture itself, showing that intraspecific competition may be more harmful than interspecific competition, depending on the plants density.
Trumbo, "Interspecific competition, brood parasitism, and the evolution of biparental cooperation in burying beetles," Oikos, vol.
Individual- and group-based interspecific competition played the important role on growth and distribution of invasive plant species and further influenced growth and diversity of plant communities.
Shifts in the relative availability of canopy resources versus soil resources might modulate interspecific competition and, therefore, the outcome of mowing on community structure [38].
Moreover, even when tiger and tree-hole mosquitoes were predicted to coexist, the tree-hole mosquito population declined by an average of 63% through interspecific competition. By contrast, interspecific competition reduced the tiger mosquito population by an average of only 16%.
Frankliniella occidentalis is the predominate thrips in Florida habitats disturbed by insecticides that exclude interspecific competition and natural enemies and by fertilizers that increase its preference and performance compared with F.
The diver-deployed instrument permits studies of both spatial and temporal processes such as the algal colonization and overgrowth of bleaching corals, as well as coral polyp behavior and interspecific competition."
Root-shoot growth responses during interspecific competition quantified using allometric modeling.