Interstate Commerce Commission

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Noun1.Interstate Commerce Commission - a former independent federal agency that supervised and set rates for carriers that transported goods and people between states; was terminated in 1995; "the ICC was established in 1887 as the first federal agency"
independent agency - an agency of the United States government that is created by an act of Congress and is independent of the executive departments
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Troiano was in private law practice where he represented motor carriers before the Interstate Commerce Commission and Surface Transportation Board.
Congress can do for internet entrepreneurs and internet consumers is to send the FCC out to pasture as it did with the Civil Aeronautics Board, which regulated the airline industry, and the Interstate Commerce Commission, which regulated the trucking industry.
Part of the original federal Interstate Commerce Commission law was named "the Mercer" authority, which described oilfield hauling.
We no longer have an Interstate Commerce Commission, a Civil Aeronautics Board, restrictions on branch banking, mortgage usury laws, or environmental regulations that forbid plant operators from minimizing cost across multiple emission sources, just to mention a few changes for the better.
Although federal preemption was not squarely addressed in the statute, important themes concerning the FTC's relationship to the Interstate Commerce Commission and state corporation law set a very different stage for the FTC Act than had been in existence two and a half decades earlier, prior to the Sherman Act.
Circuit to get the assignment to write the opinion in cases involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Durkin served one term, and during that term, blocked the nomination of then-former Attorney General Rudman to the chairmanship of the Interstate Commerce Commission, a post to which he had been nominated by President Gerald Ford.
Some historical reference: In the 19th century, the US created the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and consequently the Interstate Commerce Act as a means to initially regulate railroads, but later other modes of commerce as well.
The supplemental application describes the railroad's preferred route on a 42-mile alignment between Coldstrip and Ashland/Otter Creek, the southern portion of which had been approved for construction by the former Interstate Commerce Commission, STB officials said in a prepared statement.
In that same year, the STB's predecessor agency, the Interstate Commerce Commission, (ICC) gave approval to TRRC's predecessor to build and operate an 89-mile rail line between Miles City, Mont.
The railroad argued that state and local regulation that would require permitting, pre-approval or preclearance are pre-empted under the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act.
The exemption refers to the 1935 Motor Carrier Act, as amended, which contains a clause stating that agricultural commodities are exempt from economic regulation by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

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