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n.1.An intervening period of time; interval.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Second, contrast has an osmotic effect that leads to increased pressure within the renal interstition contributing to ischemia.
Entre las diferentcs formas de repartir la sindicacion de contenidos tipo "hair", se encuentra la denominada "interstitions" (publicidad de transito) en los cuales los programas cortos (del tipo preferido por los operadores de telefonia movil) son insertados entre programas mas extensos.
The pressure force caused by the pressure variation of the magnetic casting mould core when it moves with high speed in liquid, [F.sub.p] = [pi]/4 = ([d.sup.2.sub.e] - [d.sup.2.sub.i]) x [DELTA]p(??), where the transverse section of the device in motion can be expressed taking into account even the possible longitudinal gunners of the irregular sections which can be tantamount to the gunners with circular sections by equalizing their hydraulic ranges [DELTA]p(x) can be determined by equalizing the effluent volume from the circular interstitions of [[delta].sub.i], [[delta].sub.e] thickeness, figure 1, with the volume replaced by the magnetic casting mould core in motion.
Among the many ways of splitting content syndication hair, there is the so-called "interstitions," where short programs (the type favored by mobile operators) are inserted between longer programs.