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n.1.(Geol.) Stratification among or between other layers or strata; also, that which is interstratified.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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During the hydration process and for RH up to 43%, the experimental profile is reproduced by interstratification between the 0W and 1W phases with variable proportions, indicating the absence of a mono-homogeneous phase at 0W for humidity below 13% RH (Figure 3).
The kaolinite peaks were not affected by glycerol treatment indicating that there is no interstratification with smectite layers in kaolinitic materials.
Additionally, the significance of layer insertion (interstratification) on the structure and consequently the electrokinetic and wetting characteristics of the two layer silicates deserves further attention.
As reported by those authors, interstratification accounts for the high CEC of basalt-derived soils containing smectite in southern Brazil.
The first cause of order or disorder in the structure of phyllosilicates and the resulting polymorphs and polytypes as well as of the interstratification phenomenon lies in the chemical micromilieu acting during the crystallization.
Samples containing 10 [Angstrom] halloysite and with a 7 [Angstrom] kaolinite reflection skewed towards 10 [Angstrom] , which may be indicative of 10 A halloysite--kaolinite interstratification, were heated at 105[degrees]C for 24 h to dehydrate the halloysite before obtaining a second diffraction pattern.
Mikula, "High Surface Areas Caused by Smectitic Interstratification of Kaolinite and Illite in Athabasca Oil Sands," Applied Clay Sci.
Regular interstratifications of two or more minerals are accepted as separate species if the kinds of layers, their relative proportions, chemical compositions, and regularity of interstratification in three dimensions on a micrometric or nanometric scale have been well documented.
The characteristic 0.72 nm peak of kaolin (Kl) has a broad base, showing a probable interstratification of Kl with HIV.
93-042 A regular interstratification of amesite and clinochlore Monoclinic: Cm a 5.323 b 9.214 c 21.45 [angstrom] [Beta] 94.43 [degrees] Colorless to very pale green; nacreous; translucent.