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v. t.1.To intertwine; to weave or bind together.
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Intertex Corporation is the one of the oldest and well reputed representative of textile finishing machinery in Pakistan.
To further enhance the range of automated storage and retrieval products offered to the market, the supplier will continue to incorporate Intertex products in its product portfolio to cover a broad range of load classes.
The biggest risers on the FTSE 100 Index were Intertex up 274p at 2721p, Rolls-Royce up 47p at 841p, International Airlines Group up 17p at 551p and SABMiller up 89.
RHinRville Property Limited was set up by Polish Samex, US Intertex and Russian Eurogaz .
74m project, Intertex, was promoted by the NWAA members.
atencion al lenguaje y metaficcionales a la escritura, sustratos (discursivos, teoricos, inclusion del narrativos, proceso creativo, humor, compositivos) parodia, juego, resublimacion, intertex tualidad, invitacion al lector, mecanismos de inversion de la dualidad realidad/ficcion, ausencia de un mediatizador potencialmente omnis ciente que organice y pueda filtrar e integrar todos los comportamien tos del texto.
The carousel is offered through an agreement with the German company Intertex.
List of key industry participants: 3Com, Acme Packet, Aculab, Aspect Communication, AT&T, Avaya, Bay Packet, Broadsoft, Brookrout Technologies, Cisco Systems, Continuous Computing, Data Connection Limited, Empirix, Ericsson, Flextronics, Followap, Hopsip, IBM, Intel, Intertex, IP Unity, Ixia, Lucent technologies, M5T, MCI, Microsoft, Mitel Networks, Netrake, Nustar, Newport Networks, Nokia, Nortel, Pandora Networks, Pingtel, Polycom, Pulver.
A joint venture between Intertex Data AB and Cendio Systems AB, InGate Systems has a 25-year heritage of developing secure communications technology.
Thus, she regards any text as constructed from "a mosaic of quotations" and concludes that "the notion of intertex tuality replaces that of intersubjectivity" (37; emphasis in original).
Finally, the section on speculative fiction has two articles,"Pierre Menard in Cyberspace: The Internet as Intertex," by John Pennington, and "Re-membering: Time and Myth in Kleinzeit and The Medusa Frequency," by Peter Malekin.