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Of or being the region between the high tide mark and the low tide mark.

in′ter·tid′al·ly adv.
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(Physical Geography) of or relating to the zone of the shore between the high-water mark and low-water mark
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(ˌɪn tərˈtaɪd l)

of or pertaining to the littoral region that is above the low-water mark and below the high-water mark.
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Adj.1.intertidal - of or relating to the littoral area above the low-tide mark
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The discovery was made by a group of researchers commissioned by the Kinmen National Park administrative office in 2016 to investigate organisms inhabiting the intertidal zone of Leiyu, said the Office.
During spring low tides, the intertidal zone is exposed for about 3 h.
The Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion Trust said: "The site at Lionacleit is extra special because there is also evidence of archaeological remains in the intertidal zone."
solenoides thrives in sandy substrates and is dominant in abundance in the middle intertidal zone (Lizarralde & Pittaluga, 2011).
51/2014), is a pristine site with complex ecosystems and unique biodiversity that make it one of the world's rare reference sites for the study of biodiversity and the sustainable use of wetlands between intertidal zone. It is ranked as one of the top 25 sites of international importance for migratory birds in the Middle East during the winter in the migration route of Asia and East Africa, with an area of CiCi2621 square kilometers.
It is one of the world's rare sites for the study of the sustainable use of wetlands in an intertidal zone. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs is currently coordinating with the relevant authorities to declare the site as the nation's second wetland reserve, after the Natural Qurm Reserve in the Governorate of Muscat, under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.
Under the 1982 ( United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea , depending upon where the temporary sand structure was located in the intertidal zone, it could even lie within the country's internal waters, over which greater authority can be retained by law enforcement.
The ubiquitous use of anthropogenic arsenic associated with rapid economic development has significantly changed their original distribution patterns in natural environments, enabling their delivery to the intertidal zone from river catchments via fluvial transport, atmospheric deposition, and local wastewater discharge.
This study was conducted at the intertidal zone of Satang Besar Island, Sarawak.
The team was studying life in the intertidal zone, the area of the shore between the low tide and the high tide.