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a.1.Between the transverse processes of the vertebræ.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The model of the segmented vertebral bodies, ligaments (anterior longitudinal, posterior longitudinal, supraspinal (SSL), interspinal (ISL), ligamentum flavum, and intertransverse), intervertebral discs, and ribs were imported into a finite element analytical program (ABAQUS 6.11 Simulia, USA) for simulation and quantitative analysis.
The ligaments are anterior longitudinal (ALL), posterior longitudinal (PLL), ligamentumflavum (LF), interspinous (ISL), supraspinous (SSL), intertransverse (ITL), and Facet capsulary (FCL).
The surgical procedures involved T10, T11, L1, L2, and L3 laminectomy with pedicle screw fixation and intertransverse fusion [Figure 1]f,[Figure 1]g,[Figure 1]h.
Component Young's modulus Poisson's Cross section (MPa) ratio ([mm.sup.2]) Cortical bone 12000.0 0.30 Endplate 1200.0 0.29 Cancellous bone 100.0 0.30 Annulus ground substance 4.2 0.45 Nucleus pulposus 1.0 0.49 Annulus fiber 450.0 0.45 Anterior 20.0 0.30 63.7 longitudinal ligaments Posterior 20.0 0.30 20.0 longitudinal ligaments Intertransverse ligament 58.7 0.30 3.6 Ligamentum flavum 19.5 0.30 40.0 Interspinous ligament 11.6 0.30 40.0 Supraspinous ligament 15.0 0.30 30.0 Capsular ligament 32.9 0.30 60.0 Pedicle screws and rod 110000.0 0.28 20.0 PEEK cage 3600.0 0.25 TABLE 2: The L4-L5 range of motion (ROM) in different groups under six operating conditions.
Based on ultrasound/MRI visualization of the intertransverse ligament (posteriorly) and the lumbosacral ligament (anteriorly) marking out the osteofibrotic tunnel, the tip of the block needle was placed in the anticipated position for needle insertion caudad to the intercristal line.
Van Der Plaats et al [44] studied the possible cases with their hypothesis on whether unilateral postponement of growth of MM Rotatores or of ligamentum flavum and intertransverse ligament by varying their stiffness initiated the scoliosis.
But if the listhesis is reduced, the tension of the roots does disappear, and also the transverse processes come into same level to put the intertransverse graft.
The examined sites (9 pairs) were the following: the occiput (at the suboccipital muscle insertions), the low cervical area (at the anterior aspects of the intertransverse spaces at C5-C7), the trapezius muscle (at the midpoint of the upper border), the supraspinatus muscles (at their origins), the second rib (at the costochondral junctions), 2 cm distal to the lateral epicondyle), the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks, posterior to the greater trochanteric prominence, and the knees (at the medial fat pad proximal to the joint line).
The retractor blades were opened in a rostral-caudal fashion and properly angulated into the intertransverse L3-L4 space, lateral to the right L3 isthmus and L3-L4 facet joint.