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a.1.Between tubes or tubules; as, intertubular cells; intertubular substance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Edema: The kidneys of rats exposed to 378 mg/kg Ti[O.sub.2] NPs revealed swelling of intertubular tissues mainly surrounding the renal blood vessels (Fig.
Kidney tubules: Intertubular, vascular, and glomerular cross-talk.
Kidney sections were scored semi-quantitatively between 0 and 3 in terms of degeneration in tubular cells and intertubular congestion.
Gill lamellae, especially the intertubular septa, are the second most common location of infection microscopically, but gill infection without mantle infection is rare (Smolowitz, personal observation; Smolowitz et al.
Hoseini and colleagues reported that this increase was because of increased collagen deposition in intertubular connective tissue, interstitial edema and tubular dilatation19.
Intertubular dentin was eroded and tubules were connected with each other.
La capa hibrida se define como la zona de interdifusion dentina-resina que se forma por la infiltracion de monomeros de imprimador y adhesivo en la red de fibras colagenas expuestas, por la accion del acondicionador acido sobre la dentina peri e intertubular formada por la dentina radicular y el cemento de resina.
The Leydig cells occur as a group of polymorphic cells in the intertubular region, and are usually associated with large and small blood vessels and abundant loose connective tissue.
Bilateral testicular metastasis from prostatic adenocarcinoma mimicking an intertubular pattern of seminoma and expressing Rhamm.