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a.1.Between tubes or tubules; as, intertubular cells; intertubular substance.
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These abnormalities included expanded space of Bowman's capsule, glomerulus shrinkage, intertubular bleeding and increased diameter of distal and proximal tubules.
The Leydig cells occur as a group of polymorphic cells in the intertubular region, and are usually associated with large and small blood vessels and abundant loose connective tissue.
Contract notice: Intertubular inspection of sections of the transmission system of "bulgartransgas" ead.
Bilateral testicular metastasis from prostatic adenocarcinoma mimicking an intertubular pattern of seminoma and expressing Rhamm.
La dentina esta constituida por dos unidades basicas: el tubulo dentinario y la matriz intertubular.
Testis is composed of a large number of somniferous tubules which sperm is made up of its mature walls surrounding this tubules intertubular connective tissues there is interstitial cells known as Leydig cell which secrete hormones responsible for the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.
Morphologically, signs of carcinoma include intertubular fusion or lateral expansion of the glands; however, cytomorphologic discrimination of HGD and carcinoma in PGA may be tricky.
Dentin surfaces irradiated by Er:YAG laser were irregular, scaly, or flaky and dentinal tubules were opened without smear layer, cracked or melted; whereas protrusion of peritubular dentin was revealed due to its less amount of water compared with intertubular dentin.
AQP1 is also expressed in the apical membrane of endothelial cells, where it might mediate removal of water from the intertubular space of the efferent ducts to the vasculature (Badran and Hermo, 2002).