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coming in between, or secondarysituated between spatial pointsacting between


(ˌɪn tərˈvin yənt)

1. intervening, as in place, time, order, or action.
2. a person who intervenes.
[1595–1605; < Latin intervenīre. See intervene, -ent]
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Therefore it is an happy thing in a state, when kings and states do often consult with judges; and again, when judges do often consult with the king and state: the one, when there is matter of law, intervenient in business of state; the other, when there is some consideration of state, intervenient in matter of law.
Filing an intervenient petition in the Supreme Court regarding President Maithripala Sirisenas reference about the presidential term, the thera said the President has no impediment to continue in the office of President for a period of six years which ends on January 9, 2021.
Maier, Carol (2007), <<The Translator as an Intervenient Being>>, Jeremy Munday (ed.
Therefore, this paper aims at investigating what experts think about design management and competencies, joints and intervenient factors in Brazilian fashion industry.
The strategies for increasing resilience are: having a supportive relationship within and outside the people in the organisation (these relationships will build trust among the intervenient in the process); the capacity to make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out; confidence in our strengths and abilities; skills in communication and problem solving are some of the ingredients to improve resilience.
This ranking system is probably not measuring only judo performance, because it was affected by many intervenient variables (e.
By adopting the intervenient Stackelberg game model, the proposed scheme is designed as an iterative feedback process approach.
Reading in translation--with a knowledge of its relational ways--can encourage awareness of the intervenient power of the translator and the polyphony of language itself.
Titius is bound to the Soveraigne Power of Almighty God: And all tho a kind of intervenient right of propriety happens between Titius and Gaius by this promise; And therefore Gaius may change the matter of it by releasing that Obligation, yet so long as that Obligation continues not so releas'd the Contract, stands under the Signature and Law of Almighty God, who in the voice of Nature hath proclaimed this Law (f) to be observed by all Men, fides est servanda; And under (g) the Obligation of that Law, Titius demands as long as the matter of (h) his promise stands unalter'd by the consent of Gaius.