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"I have really been plagued to death since I got here with interviewers, and that sort of person.
But it was a revelation to us that it was possible to keep so quiet as that in the latter half of the nineteenth century-- the age of newspapers and telegrams and photographs and interviewers. And she had taken no great trouble about it either: she had not hidden herself away in an undiscoverable hole; she had boldly settled down in a city of exhibition.
Butteridge, it became evident, was a man singularly free from any false modesty--indeed, from any modesty of any kind--singularly willing to see interviewers, answer questions upon any topic except aeronautics, volunteer opinions, criticisms, and autobiography, supply portraits and photographs of himself, and generally spread his personality across the terrestrial sky.
That fated philosopher had consented, in a somewhat dazed manner, to receive the interviewer, and had named the hour of nine that evening.
"But see here, I had an appointment," said the interviewer, with a rising voice.
I remembered the Yankee interviewer I had forgotten.
"And you found yourself instead the victim of an interviewer! What a drop from the romantic to the prosaic!"
The interview was brief, and the interviewer could not help feeling although treated with pleasant courtesy, that more important matters were in hand than the perpetuation of a romancer's countenance to future generations; but a friendly family acquaintance grew up from the incident, and will remain an abiding memory.
Son, that's dope for the newspaper interviewer. The only heart-bond I know is a stout stick with some iron on the end of it."
You're my interviewer. No, I didn't think any of you fellows had got all that in you.
Miss Haldin, without turning her face my way, told me that the end was brought about by the appearance of the interviewer, who had been closeted with Madame de S .