n.1.The text of a book.
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Gopubmed provided relevance-ranked MeSH topics as well as intext annotation of mapped MeSH terms.
Hift dated 13 October 2015, but with intext reference to a November 2015 meeting of the Subcommittee for Postgraduate Education and Training (Medical)), the HPCSA refers to completion of research being a requirement for specialist registration but does not at any point refer to a completed MMed.
Accuracy of intext Major elements of Most elements citations in-text citations of in-text in APA format are missing along citations present with consistent but with some Objective 3 formatting errors.
The Intext iRist Pro is an upgraded variant of the original iRist and is powered by a MediaTek MT2502 SoC.
Operating Modes Optimization of the Locomotive Diesel Generators, Intext
While the index provides quick, easy go-to information, Zipora's intext translations might strike a reader as odd.
Students were required to write a short paragraph citing evidence to answer their question, including intext citations (yes, this can happen in sixth grade) and a works cited page.
Common Learnings: Core and Interdisciplinary Team Approaches (Scranton: Intext Publishers, 1969).
She made use of some intext examples of the target form and asked the learners to pay attention to how those forms were used.
Dyadic Greens Functions in Electromagnetic Theory, Intext Educational Publisher, 1971.
According to [23] we distinguish between the intext and the context of things that are represented as objects.
Intext references to other Willie Morris texts are identified thusly: NYD = New York Days, Y = Yazoo, TH = Terrains of the Heart, SI = Shifting Interludes.