a.1.See Entire, a., Entirely, adv.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But what if he our Conquerour, (whom I now Of force believe Almighty, since no less Then such could hav orepow'rd such force as ours) Have left us this our spirit and strength intire Strongly to suffer and support our pains, That we may so suffice his vengeful ire, Or do him mightier service as his thralls By right of Warr, what e're his business be Here in the heart of Hell to work in Fire, Or do his Errands in the gloomy Deep; What can it then avail though yet we feel Strength undiminisht, or eternal being To undergo eternal punishment?
In one such publication Stephen Gogson warned that "to declare our selves by words or by gestures to be otherwise than we are, is an act executed where it should not, therefore a lye," while William Prynne argued that "God requires truth in the inward parts, in the soule, the affections: yea, in the habit, speeches, gestures, in the whole intire man." (84) Gesture provided a window into the internal character, but like speech, its expression and forms could be manipulated to mislead an unwary audience.
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(44) Evelyns respect for Hollar's work is clearly shown in his remarks about him working with Dugdale, Elias Ashmole, and in 'other Historicall and usefull Works: I am the more particular upon this, for the fruite of that Collection, which I wish I had intire'.
McIntire - Rose Ann Mc Intire, 82, of Eugene, died Dec.
Or if then thou gavest mee all, All was but All, which thou hadst then, But if in thy heart, since, there be or shall, New love created bee, by other men, Which have their stocks intire....
The Paraclete, Donne comments in a sermon, as well as a mediator and advocate, "is in a more intire and a more internail, and a more viscerall sense, a Comforter." (BF 181-182)
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