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intraarticular, intra-articular

adj intraarticular or intra-articular
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Learn intravenous and intraarticular ozone therapy.
Patients in the corticosteroid arm were able to receive up to two additional spaced intraarticular injections as needed, while those assigned to the individualized manual physical therapy intervention, which utilized exercises targeting the typical strength and movement deficits found in patients with knee OA, could have up to three additional sessions.
She has received multiple intraarticular steroid injections which are of no help and neither are the several oral and parenteral analgesics she is using.
The presence of subchondral marrow edema, intraarticular fluid and periarticular soft tissue edema are the most reliable MRI findings to suggest the diagnosis (4).
We believe that this was because not enough change occurred in the intraarticular coherence due to the absence of cartilage degeneration incorporating the joint surface [19].
Though iliopsoas bursitis can be a cause of hip pain, it is important to consider communication between the hip joint and iliopsoas bursa, as a distended or debris-filled bursa may reflect intraarticular pathology rather than bursitis.
As a routine for all intraarticular fractures, CT scan is done with 3D reconstruction.
Objective: To compare postoperative blood loss after intravenous and intraarticular tranexamic acid injection in patients of bilateral total knee arthroplasty.
They showed that the amount of blood transfused post-operatively in both intraarticular and intravenous groups undergoing primary unilateral TKA did not have a significant difference.
Efficacy of long-term effect and repeat intraarticular botulinum toxin in patients with painful total joint arthroplasty: a retrospective study.