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In particular, this domain included parents who held more intransient beliefs on how their child ought to behave and minimized the impact of childhood trauma, struggled to understand their role in the counseling process, and frequently rejected their counselor's ideas that diverged from traditional punishment-reward-based approaches.
24) There was, however, a group of intransient Albany Anti-Federalists who refused to ratify the Constitution.
Additional researchers have explored more intransient characteristics such as extraversion (Russell, Booth, Reed, & Laughlin, 1997) and attachment style (Lapsley & Edgerton, 2002) as mediating the quality of student experience.
People living in extreme poverty, and the poorest of them who face multiple intransient dimensions of poverty, have participated in the development of a model that shows that they require a carefully designed intervention that addresses the specific barriers and conditions they face.
Political allies had rapidly turned into intransient sources of contention.
Her harsh critique of the manly follies of heroism speaks loudly against the seemingly intransient ideology of war.
will be met by the intransient and often unyielding monopolizing force
At its worst, it can cause both parties to be intransient and only pass the minimum of legislation needed to keep the government running, as happened last year.
We need to be reminded, from time to time, of intransient beliefs about why we "care for the stranger" (Morris, 1986).
If Augustine is right, then we should only find faith and hope in things that are intransient and certain.
As for the function of narrating, the speaker tries to dissociate himself from the two shorter sequences by telling--and ascribing to himself--the central narrative and thereby redefining his status in terms of a preferential affiliation with the ideal intransient world of imagination.
The topic "Islam and Antisemitism" is ripe for discussion, and directly affects many of the most intransient political controversies in the contemporary world.