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v. t.1.See Entrap.
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Currently-marketed systems can intrap tissue as the access is created.
Heywood also describes a further type of drunkard, those that are "said to bee drunke as Foxes, and those are they who Insidiate men in their Cups, and urge others, quaffing and healthing for no other purpose then to intrap them in their speeches, and bring them into trouble, or to catch some advantage of their words, thereby to supplant them in their estates, and such may bee call'd Pollitick Drunkards" (Philocothonista, 5).
There are many ways of administering caffeine to both humans and animals subjected to experimental protocols: intrap eritoneal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injections; suppositories; orally.
With grader Hollyoak Supreme outside and railer Bubbly Swallow (despite middle seeding) inside the selection intrap four, Dean Childs' runner should get a smooth passage around the openingtwoturns.
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5) Para entender mejor la relacion que el psicoanalisis ha puesto en juego sobre el par de figuras (metafora y metonimia) y los procesos intrap siquicos de desplazamiento y condensacion propuestos por Freud, recomiendo la lectura de un breve articulo de Hugo Mantilla Barreto titulado "Los procesos metaforico y metonimico y la genesis del lenguaje".
CT of the neck demonstrated a 1-cm right cervical lymph node and a 1-cm intrap arotid mass.
Spirax Sarco's new range of InTrap sensing steam traps, with integral Spiratec sensors offers a simple solution for fitting steam trap monitoring equipment to existing pipelines.
Thus ornament is but the guiled shore To a most dangerous sea: the beautious scarfe vailing an Indian beauty; In a word, The seeming truth which cunning times put on To intrap the wisest.
The recognition by the hardware of a trap or interrupt causes entry to a macro instruction sequence, INTRAP, which is noninterruptible mode performs a context switch to supervisor mode, stores the PC, PSW, and SSW on the supervisor stack, and transfers control to the trap or interrupt handler through the vector table.