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Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.

in′tra·per′son·al·ly adv.
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occurring within a person's mind
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Allah was sending blessings (darood), so this was the intrapersonal communication. The communication has taken place too before the world has got shaped.
The Application of Yin and Yang Perspective in Ellis' ABCDE Model Toward Self-Counseling as Intrapersonal Communication
The range goes from intrapersonal communication to intercultural communication, with everything in between.
It explains how scholarly theories are created, developed, and modified, then theories of cognition and intrapersonal communication, individual and social approaches to communication, interpersonal communication, culture, persuasion, and group, organizational, mediated, and mass communication, as well as the influences and effects of these theories, and their commonalities.
Even though we do not utter the sentence to the other person, the intrapersonal communication process seems to retain the information.
So intrapersonal communication has two components: one is what the recipient receives, but also there's the importance that the employee gives the message when they communicate it to others.
To bring about changes in the external structures, one needs to facilitate an ongoing process of intrapersonal communication. As an individual begins to acknowledge and communicate with different aspects of their self, "the external structure begins to dissolve and reform into different patterns of relationship reflecting the existing status of [their] internal structures" (p.
The system operates much as Bluetooth technology allows for intrapersonal communication. VDC asserts that due to ZigBee's agility, the technology will allow users to customize their wireless solutions to address their specific needs in the warehouse.
"Healthy sexuality and satisfying sexual encounters among African-Americans will enhance their self-esteem and self-worth, and improve their intrapersonal communication skills on all levels," he emphasizes.
Demonstrate advanced intrapersonal communication and interpersonal communication competencies such as: