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IV 1

An apparatus for providing intravenous injections.

[From i(ntra)v(enous).]

IV 2

1. intravenous
2. intravenously



n., pl. IVs, IV's.
an apparatus for intravenous delivery of electrolyte solutions, medicines, and nutrients.
[1950–55; i(ntra) v(enous)]


1. intravenous.
2. intravenous injection.
3. intravenously.
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Noun1.IV - the cardinal number that is the sum of three and oneIV - the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
digit, figure - one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration; "0 and 1 are digits"
2.IV - administration of nutrients through a vein
alimentation, feeding - the act of supplying food and nourishment
Adj.1.IV - being one more than threeiv - being one more than three    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"


A. N ABBR =intravenous (also IV drip) → gota a gota m
B. ADJ ABBR =intravenous


V. intravenous.
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Oral antimicrobial therapy is not an initial option in critically ill patients requiring intravenous therapy and in those who are unable to absorb oral drugs.
As intravenous therapy developed over the next few decades, the intravenous cannula was developed out of necessity.
The investigators concluded that exclusive use of oral ganciclovir analogues (valganciclovir) could be superior to intravenous therapy for prevention of hearing loss because they allow earlier and more prolonged therapy and (probably) fewer complications.
The subacute treatment environment should be a modern and professional-appearing one that includes high-tech equipment such as telemetry, ventilator support, centralized oxygen supplies and suctioning services, hemodialysis, and intravenous therapy, as appropriate.
I trained in chelation or intravenous therapy in Palm Springs.
- US-based home intravenous therapy provider AxelaCare has appointed Daniel C.
According to Cubist, Ceftolozane, in combination with tazobactam (ceftolozane/tazobactam or CXA 201), is currently being studied in two pivotal Phase 3 trials as a potential first-line intravenous therapy for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections (cIAI) and complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI) caused by certain Gram-negative bacteria, including multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Ovation has rights to sell an intravenous therapy known as ATryn, a recently FDA-approved blood-clot prevention that is purified from the milk of goats whose parents were injected with a human protein developed by GTC Biotherapeutics Inc., a Framingham company whose farm is located in Charlton.
The duration of intravenous therapy was longer for the ICE children, compared with those in the IOE group (a mean of 35 days vs.
infections, intravenous therapy, wounds, healthcare fraud, medication errors, and nurses who kill); advanced roles (nurse anesthesia, and midwifery); causes of action; damages; and litigation of nursing malpractice claims.
A new position of clinical nurse specialist in intravenous therapy has also been created.

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