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L'emplacement paradoxal de l'exploitation miniere artisanale et son intrication dans le temps nous invitent a nous interroger sur certaines manieres dont les chercheurs ont interprete la precarite non seulement comme une condition politiquement induite resultant du neoliberalisme, mais egalement comme une consequence de la nature persistante de la structure colonisante en Afrique.
Foucault stressed that government is at least in part concerned with "the intrication of men and things" (Foucault, 2007: 97), and this opens up a consideration of the ways in which biopolitics may be bound up with, in Lemke's words (2014: 11), "arranging things or managing complexes of humans and things." In our view, the greenhouse can be considered just such a complex, one in which the practices of human labor associated with farming are mediated in novel ways by the technologies and materials that are incorporated into the greenhouse assemblage.
L'intrigue amoureuse qui a Belmont pour decor et Portia pour heroine presente cependant un egal interet des lors qu'on y retrouve la meme intrication de sentiments, d'interets et de rapports de force que dans le chaudron venitien.
Hence it is ultimately the combined result of a remarkable intrication of poetry, philosophy, science, and theology:
These two new assumptions were most clearly articulated by Descartes in the first rule of scientific method laid down in his Discourse on Method: "The first [rule] was never to accept anything as true that I did not plainly know to be such; that is to say, carefully to avoid hasty judgment and prejudice; and to include nothing more in my judgments than what presented itself to my mind so clearly and so distinctly that I had no occasion to call it into doubt." (8) This intrication of truth and certainty is still commonly taken for granted today, even by the most skeptical thinkers; skeptics tend to deny that truth is attainable precisely because they assume knowledge must be certain in order to be true.
At the limit, we could hope that the imago mundi would be able to replicate the density of its ontological referent through various procedures of intrication, exhaustion, prismatic overlap, totalisation, etc.
This intrication of the personal and the philosophical is by no means
Cette intrication d'interets divergents, de concurrences personnelles attisees par la penurie de postes universitaires, de complicites dans Taction qui peuvent solidariser les individus et les institutions, est magistralement demelee au fil des chapitres.
Each indicates the intrication of serpentine lines with De Quincey's diverse interests in aesthetics, natural science, philosophy, and theology.