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The movement or spread of alleles of one species into the gene pool of another through repeated backcrossing of interspecific hybrids with members of one of the parental species.

[From Latin intrōgressus, past participle of intrōgredī, to step in : intrō-, intro- + gradī, to step; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

in′tro·gres′sive (-grĕs′ĭv) adj.
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(Genetics) the introduction of genes from the gene pool of one species into that of another during hybridization
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In this study, two sets of introgression line populations derived from three parents were used to dissect the genetic basis of grain shape and illustrate the genetic background effects on QTL expression.
Phenotypic performance of Aluminum toxicity tolerance-related trait of root elongation in Reciprocal Introgression Line Populations in MH63 indica background ANOVA results (Table-1) showed that 02428 japonica parents had highly significant values for RL2 and RL3 than those of MH63 indica parents, except RL1 and RRE, for those traits, these had no any significant difference.
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An introgression line population of Lycopersicon pennellii in the cultivated tomato enables the identification and fine mapping of yield-associated QTL.
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In the present study, the stabilized introgression line NM24016, displaying significant introgression from G.
The second set consisted of 27 mutants of kabuli genotype (Pb-1) and 11 of desi x kabuli introgression line (CH40/91) with their respective parents.
anomalum Wawra ex Wawra & Peyritch introgression line 7235, which had been determined to possess good fiber quality, to identify molecular markers linked to fiber strength QTLs.