n.1.See Innuendo.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Suffice it to say that three days ago I sat at my family-of-origin dining table and watched the parade of inuendo march down the route of my neutral mind.
The council said in a statement published Sunday that the decision was based on the investigations held by the council's Complaints Committee, which has stated that the program broadcast on OSN used inappropriate sexual inuendo contravening ethical and professional standards.
The total sample in the INUENDO cohort was divided into three groups (n = 990 in each group for PCB-153; n =1,058 in each group for p,p'-DDE).
Gulliver to his Cousin Sympson," added to Faulkners edition (1735), Gulliver notes that "People in Power were very watchful over the Press; and apt not only to interpret, but to punish every thing which looked like an Inuendo (as I think you called it)." He offers the familiar defense that because his remarks are general they should not be interpreted as "particular reflections," and should therefore not be considered libelous.
about to enter a realm not of reality, but of dream, inuendo and doubt." You're about to enter the Twilight Zone--of amateur gunsmithing.
Toxteth-bred Jean said the inuendo was what made Corrie better in her day.
(19) However, there are occasions when he misheard a name, especially if it was an Indian word, or confused similar Indian names for things or places, which is what happened in the story that occasions Purchas's inuendo. It is about a snake that Anthony killed.
Regular team captains Phill Jupitus and Julian Clary are also back and each attempts to outdo the other with ever more smutty inuendo and double entendres - Julian is way out in front in that race.
Certain tribes of India practiced voodoo inuendo. The Crusades, meanwhile, enlarged opportunities for travel.
The 34-year-old said: "I don't want to be the subject of inuendo, rumours and abuse.
And the bush telegraph Down Under is buzzing with gossip and inuendo that Warne may never win Test matches almost single-handed again.
Sentences are torn from my books without regard to occasion, context, argument or purpose, woven into an invidious whole, and published broadcast in an envelope of malignant inuendo [sic].